Anthony Russell, Owner-Operator of A. Russell Rentals and author of Leadership For Landlords. He helps people to become successful landlords.

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His new book, Leadership for LandlordsOne U.S. Army Sergeant’s Secret to Land Leading, is a book for people looking to start a small rental property business or currently running a rental property business. 

It serves as a guide to being a true leader as a landlord by employing advanced, stern but empathetic military-style approaches and strategies. He emphasizes putting others first, knowing the laws for the industry and in your state, being willing to admit when you’re wrong, remaining professional, and commanding respect. The book includes personal anecdotes, guidelines, and action steps.

Additional Speaking Topics

  • How to start a small rental property business
  • Advices on this field
  • Laws for landlords
  • How to remain professional and commanding respect as a landlord?