Be Original with Content Marketing

Content marketing is all about creating unique and engaging content for your accounts. Whenever you are writing for a blog, social media platform, or even a copywriting piece for a website, make sure that your content stands out from the rest.

Sadly, it’s common for some people to notice another’s content and replicate it exactly as-is into their own work. In order to take control of social media’s many algorithms, you must take control by effectively using inspiration.

Our advice is to never use other people’s content in your accounts. When it comes to content creation you need to find a way to be original while also keeping up with the trends. If you see a post or story that you like on social media platforms, instead of using those in your own accounts, share them!

Sharing is a great way to take content that works and give it a twist by adding your opinion or another piece of related content to it. Whenever that you see a post that you love, make sure to share it across your platforms, and when you share it add a little comment that will get your audience to interact with the post.

Writing a message on your own take about the topic will make that piece of content your own. And if you don’t feel like it is worth sharing that content with your audience, then make sure to find content that will make you inspired in order to create something new.

When we see a graphic or article that we really like we feel inspired! We start creating without limits and always adapting to our branding, remember that when it comes to social media you just need to be you and differentiate from others.

Find the things that you love and get ready to start creating amazing content, and make sure to find inspiration on the things that you enjoy. That’s why we love to take a few minutes to ourselves, consume a bunch of different content, and find ways to translate that content across our platforms. 

This week we discussed the topic with Raina Trivedi (@rainatrivedi) who gave us the following insight: “Use your customers’ words. Write like a human, not a robot. Real people, real words.” It is important to connect with your audience, and for that, you have to use simpler language. Make sure that everyone that reads your content understands you. If they do, they will connect with you immediately.”

We also had a chat with Ashley France (@theashleyfrance) whose advice was: “My tip is to be authentic! I was able to grow my following and build my tribe by simply being myself…that includes the ups and the downs when it comes to my journey! As well as being open/transparent and sharing my story through my content… My audience is able to relate to me because they see me as a human and not someone trying to pretend to be this perfect image online… through this, they have connected with me through not just my tips & resources but also my hobbies, what I like to watch on TV, or just even issues we are dealing with during a pandemic. People can look to me for realness as well as a resource.”

Creating content is always about being authentic, don’t be afraid to be you and share it with your audience.