Transform Your Business in just one Session

10X Revenue

Increase your revenue through smart, personalized strategies for your business.

Minimal Investment

For just $297, Dr. Rissy will audit and improve your business.

Smart Planing

Having a professional, experienced consultant on your side is the best way to reach your goals.

About Me

Grow Your Business 10X

Hi! I’m Dr. Rissy and I have been growing small businesses for years. I’m the head instructor with PWCEC/SBA. I was named Forbes 30 Under 30 in media.

I grew up with my parents owning a “mom and pop” shop and have had a passion for helping small businesses and startups ever since. I have helped clients grow be publicly traded, improved ROI by 10x+, and worked with thousands of satisfied clients.

What I want?

During these difficult times, I want to help small businesses adapt and succeed. That is why I am offering this very special service. Not many consultants offer a one-off strategy session like this, but I know that this service can help many small business owners.

Trnasform your business for the Special Price of just $297, limited time only

Business Growth

Let's take your business to the next level with just One consulting session. Sometimes all you need is a new set of eyes to help you find ways to revitalize and grow your business.

$297 Only

For only $297, I will have a One-on-One Brainstorm Session with you to find ways to improve your business. Let's get started!


Take my course showing you how to grow your online business completely for free. just request it.

Business Knowledge

I’ve helped hundreds of clients grow their business and reach all their goals. Let's discuss an achievable and realistic plan for achieving your growth faster.

Profitable Business Idea

Besides just my own clients, I am a certified WPENC consultant. I love to help ambitious women make their entrepreneurial endeavors profitable businesses.

My services

I implement quality ideas

I have served thousands of happy clients through multiple successful businesses, including Dr. Rissy’s Writing &  Marketing.

Quick Facts about my Company

Professional Staff
Projects in Process
Happy Customers
Projects Completed
Awards of Excellence

I hold a Masters in Corporate & Public Communication and a Doctorate in Writing


$297 Special Offer. A limited time Offer

For a limited time, I’m offering a special rate on a one-time consulting session.

I will spend up to 45 minutes on the phone with you going over the details of your business and brainstorming ideas on how to improve it.