Content creators spend a lot of time debating whether they really need an editor on their team or not. If you have a copywriter working on different projects, shouldn’t it be on the writer to make sure their writing is perfect before sending it to a client? 

While it may be tempting to cut out the middleman, a great team will always remember to call upon their copy editor. Copywriters are able to write about different topics in a prompt and professional manner, that much is true. However, some projects require more than just well-executed writing. 

When an editor reviews the final draft, they do so in a way that goes beyond the standard check for typos and grammatical mistakes. Great editors look for consistency within a writer’s tone of voice, as well as opportunities to add more relevant content the writer may have overlooked during their initial research.

I love working with editors, specifically because they have different skills that allow my writing to adapt to the topics my client requires me to focus on. Editors allow the drafting process to become a team effort, which is an extremely important concept to develop. 

Working with construction companies, clothes retailers, newborn bloggers, interior designers, and social media influencers all at once forces writers to run the risk of spreading their talents too thin. Nobody is perfect; even a good copywriter can make a few mistakes here and there – especially when they’re fully booked for the week. 

That is why I always have an editor working hand in hand with a copywriter. It keeps my fellow copywriters from getting stuck in that terrible place where no final product is perfect enough. Having an editor step in allows them to take that weight off their shoulders and move onto the next project, knowing that their draft is in good hands. 

The best editors know what to keep, what to add, and what to leave out. They are the ones who ensure that every writing team is still firing on all cylinders, and they are the ones who allow every writing team to take on more clients without getting bogged down. Simply put – they’re good for business. Don’t expect Spellcheck or Grammarly to make editors obsolete anytime soon!