I have heard many people ask about what the most profitable sector in the copywriting industry is currently. To be honest, I don’t think that a certain sector is more profitable than others per se – it’s what you can do with the writing you produce that matters more.

The ability to write about any sector out there is what makes a copywriter profitable. The consequence of this is that copywriters can no longer think inside the box and limit themselves specifically to one field. As a writer, you must open your mind, do research about different topics, and let yourself write about the field that the client requests from you.

Before becoming a freelancer, I limited myself to writing exclusively about the topics I was an expert on. Later, I found clients in a diverse amount of fields such as toy brands, healthy recipes, newborns, contractors, maternity, streaming services, and even more!

I would have called someone crazy if they told me that someday I would be writing about fashion, lingerie, and even answering Q&A’s for some clients. However, the necessity for me to adapt, as well as my unwitting ability to adapt, allowed me to do just that, and I have no regrets to say for it.

If you want to be profitable you just need to have this ability, and I can proudly say that myself and my team have achieved it so that we can write about anything that a client requires us to.

Lead generation was a huge part of this process. Some clients came to us asking us to write blogs about topics that none of us had much knowledge about. However, we made sure to make it happen by hitting the books and scouring the infographics, obtaining the data we needed along the way. After all our main goal is to see our clients happy and help them achieve the goals they set for themselves.

Of course, you can have your boundaries and show the existence of those boundaries in certain circumstances. If someone asks you to write about a certain thing that you do not agree with, you have the right to say no and present a different alternative. 

So if you’re a copywriter stuck for ideas on how to improve upon your trade, give other fields a shot. See how diversity will allow you to be profitable in ways that you couldn’t imagine!