We have seen a trend lately in which certain careers are being replaced by technology. For example, medical operations can now be performed with tech in order to get better results. As a result, certain professions in the medical field are now in danger of becoming obsolete.

Could this ever happen in the copywriting field? Is there going to be a technological innovation that can take care of all our writing needs?

To answer this question, we’ll need to define what a copywriter is. These content creators write nearly everything, from the emails that you get in your inbox to the text you read on your favorite website. But most importantly, a copywriter’s task is to convince the reader to take action – whether it’s by purchasing a new product, opting into a new service, or engaging further with a company.

Being a copywriter is still one of the safest careers that you could find. Effective copywriting is actually being effective at two things – speculating on a certain idea and then transforming that idea into something worth communicating.

A really good copywriter is capable of analyzing every client. They know what makes them different from their competition and what needs to be done to get them to stand out. Even today, AI is not capable of judging what makes a client different from a competitor, especially when the client successfully breaks free of the limitations and traditions that once defined their trade.

Tech is not going to be taking over copywriting anytime soon, because the identification problems associated with our current AI systems will always give copywriters the relevance they need in an ever changing world. I don’t think that AI would be able to adapt so quickly to satisfy a client’s needs.

However, the opposite viewpoint may have something useful to add here. Do you think a machine is able to do what we do on a daily basis? What do you think?