Corporate blogging is a type of marketing every company should use! 

At Dr. Rissy’s Writing and Marketing, we love this type of blogging. It allows us to stay on top of trends all the time, opening discussions about situations that are happening in our industry.

So what IS corporate blogging? Simply put, it’s consistent (ideally daily) blogging done by various members of a corporation. Each writer contributes content centered around their own specialty, in an attempt to attract as much exposure — and thus, business opportunities — as possible.

When a corporate blog is successful, it will attract your targeted audience to your website, and possibly convert some of them into future clients. 

Corporate blogging allows you to connect with people who are working in the same field as you, or someone who isn’t but is interested in your services.

Like other forms of content marketing, corporate blogging can help businesses boost their web presence in terms of SEO, engagement, brand awareness, conversions, and lead generation.

Corporate blogs contribute greatly to your organic SEO and social media efforts, both of which require good, relevant, and regular content. The more ideas, inspiration, and material that your bloggers create, the better!