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Being seen by the right people and engaging them in a way that will keep them happy, loyal, and make them want to tell the world about you is crucial.

Dr. Rissy and her team will handle all your writing, marketing, and lead generation for you, so you can get back to what you do best: running your business!

Welcome to Dr. Rissy’s Writing & Marketing!

I started Dr. Rissy’s Writing & Marketing after receiving my Master’s in Communications, shortly before starting my Doctorate in Literature. I did so to help other entrepreneurs and awesome companies showcase their products and services through professional, engaging, and inviting SEO-enhanced content.

Let’s face it: if you want your online business to succeed, you’ll need way more than just a pretty website or a big idea. Those certainly help, but more than anything, you need content. And what’s more, potential customers all over the world need to see this content.

This is where we come in. Dr. Rissy’s Writing & Marketing is chock full of professional content creators and social media experts. We love what we do and will happily create exciting and engaging content for you to draw in readers and potential customers from all over the world!

What will Dr. Rissy bring me?

In a word: results. We operate, edit, draft, and write content of all kinds–from social media graphics to press releases to SEO blogs–with the goal being to get as many eyes on your business as humanly possible. We aim to create content that’s both readable and engaging, while also adherent to proper search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. This ensures new readers can find your content and then want to stick around because they like both the content and the products you sell.

But to quote the late, great Billy Mays, “Wait! There’s more!” Our services aren’t limited to website and blog content creation. We’re equally dedicated to fields like technical writing, e-books, and ghostwriting.

But wait! There’s STILL more! Do you need your social media presence managed by a team of experts? Don’t have the time, inclination, or ability to post several times a day advertising your product or business, even though you know the key to success is putting your business in front of as many eyes as possible? Put the Dr. Rissy’s Writing & Marketing team to work crafting great, algorithm-happy social media content. Over time, we can help substantially increase your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and/or LinkedIn visibility! This means more reach, more customers, more business, more money, and more happiness. We have dedicated digital marketing experts ready to help small, medium, and large businesses as well as personal brands.

But wait! There’s … ah, you get it. But seriously, we do offer yet more services. Do you have a problem with your online reputation? Are unfair reviews or slander popping up on Google when people search your business? Dr. Rissy’s team can take care of that as well. After all, part of good marketing is taking care of unwarranted bad press.

We also boast a great pay-per-click (PPC) service that we customize for each business. This ensures you get more clicks sent your way, but only the clicks you want. These clicks aren’t just best for business — they’re best for your business.

No longer must you stare at your WordPress or Word Doc in abject despair, fretting over how to get the readers and customers you need. Hire us to do what we do best, so your company can grow big and strong!

Thank you,

Dr. Rissy’s is proud to be ranked #2 in the Top 10 Social Media Marketing Consultants of New York on Thumbtack!

Social Media: Not only can we help you improve your social media presence, but we’ll also expand your community of engaged followers.

Pay Per Click: Make every cent of your marketing investment count! You can trust us to generate large numbers of ad clicks, boosting your virtual visibility.

SEO: Our Search Engine Optimization service aims to maximize the number of visitors to your website. We work to ensure you reach the top of the search results for your keywords.

Copywriting: Our premium service is designed for professionalls who need a little something extra in their written content. We can do whipe papers, ebooks, blogs, and more!

Public Relations: Maintin your brand’s good standing with our unbeatable reputation management service! We can boost your credibility and trust everywhere it counts.

And so much more! Check out our services page and see how we can help!

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