The first thing you should know is that email copywriting is technically the actual text seen within your email. On a conceptual level, however, email copywriting always directs the reader towards a certain goal.

Email copywriting can be used to fulfill different goals. Keeping your subscribers informed about a specific topic, strengthening connections with your clients, and driving traffic towards a blog post are three very common examples. Given the necessity for success when it comes to this type of copywriting, certain rules need to be followed.

First of all, try to limit your email copywriting to a pre-existing audience. Building an email list is important for that reason alone. If you are building an email list from the ground up, you should always include a disclaimer within the sign-up stating that the person agrees to receive any kind of information and promotional material.

Once you have the list, you can create new email copy at any time. But how do you achieve the best results through email marketing? These three bulletpoints below will give you everything you need to appropriately create a new message.

  • Brevity: An email needs to be concise and direct. Nobody wants to read an email that is too long and contains too much information – such emails come off as spam.
  • Accuracy: Emails with grammatical mistakes or typos are not reliable. When someone notices an error in your email, the funnel you are trying to guide them towards will appear very suspicious, if not malicious.
  • Personability: Generic emails are boring, which usually fail to deliver the right message to a certain group of people. If you are a good email copywriter, you will know how to personalize each email.

Email copywriting is one of the most successful techniques to use, provided you can master it. Think about it this way: If you are an entrepreneur, business owner, or any type of person who works every day, the first thing you do when you start your shift is open your email. If you see a subject line powerful enough to grab your attention, you will click on the email and see what it contains.

That is why you should always follow the rules mentioned above. Don’t be afraid to give this technique a try and start seeing incredible results!