Everything you should know about the creative process

Everybody is talking about the creative process and how it works, but is there a standard model that works for everyone? At Dr. Rissy’s Writing & Marketing, we believe that the creative process is individual, and what works for some of you might not work for everyone else.

The creative process is intimate for each person, and everyone experiences it in their own way. Some people find their inspiration daily and in the most simple aspects of life, such as making breakfast and enjoying the smell of coffee, but it can take a while for others. Many people experience creative blocks. We do! There are days or even weeks where we don’t feel imaginative, but then we find inspiration in the most unexpected of places.

This being said, motivation to be creative has a great chance of coming to you serendipitously. That’s why there are good and bad days when it comes to creativity; it is impossible to feel creative 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

It helps if you don’t force your creativity. When you don’t feel inspired, you will most likely end up finishing things up to get them out of the way, and you won’t be feeling proud of that result. Since processes of creativity are not universal, what works for you? Here are just three steps that can help you understand your unique creative process and measure the results.


The three aspects of the creative process


At Dr. Rissy’s Writing & Marketing, we break down the creative process into three simple steps, and what we love about them is that they can adapt to every person.

1. Illumination

The first step of the creative process is illumination; it’s that spark. IT starts everything and makes you feel the creativity flowing. All the ideas start bursting through your mind during that moment, whether you are writing a book, designing, painting, etc.

What we recommend during this illumination process is to meditate on everything in your mind and heart for a minute. Then take your time to write down all your ideas all at once. You can do it on a piece of paper, your laptop, tablet, whatever is more comfortable for you.

The main goal is to have everything laid out in one place, and then you will be ready to create without getting lost or distracted by yourself. So the illumination process is all about figuring out what you want to do and how you will do it. That way, when it comes to the implementation of that idea, everything will be clear to you.

2. Implementation

You have all of your ideas figured out; now it’s time to implement them. But, unfortunately, the implementation process might take you a while. Your ideas might have trouble distilling as they leave your mind.

Don’t rush this part of the process because your drafts give life to the final pieces. We specialize in marketing and writing, and sometimes writing takes a little longer than usual, or designing what is requested might seem easy, but it takes a lot of time.

We have a process that streamlines the implementation of our ideas. For example, when it comes to social media, our copywriters develop the monthly content considering important dates within that month and then they pass the content to our graphics team. An excellent way to execute ideas is to keep up with the latest design trends and apply our clients’ brands.

Once the monthly content is complete, we review it and make sure it is ready to send to our clients. The implementation step is about organizing yourself and finding out what works for you or your business.

3. Evaluation

This is the last and most crucial step. During the evaluation process, you determine if your creative ideas are working or not. Then, after everything is delivered, you need to see the performance of your final pieces, whether it is a finalized book, clothing design, or social media posts.

Here is when we check our KPI’s, continuing the social media content creation process, we evaluate which pieces perform better and how the account is doing in terms of reach, engagement, and conversions during the month.

When you evaluate your KPIs, you will understand your audience’s behavior. It will be easy to create in the future because you will be making things that you enjoy doing and that your final customer will like.


Dr. Rissy’s Writing & Marketing offers various creative services such as writing, design, social media, and more. We will take over your social profiles and websites to give them the creativity boost that they need to catch the attention of your audience. So make sure to contact us and get creative with us starting now.