Find the right place to advertise your products and services

Imagine this situation: you have a thriving product or service, and your next goal is to take it to the next level through advertising, but the following questions pop into your mind: where is the best place to advertise? Does my target audience look at those ads? What happens if I decide to promote and I am not successful?

Our goal today at Dr. Rissy’s Writing & Marketing is to talk about the pros and cons of advertising in different places and what the results could be if you follow our advice.

Promoting your business might be scary at first, most people aren’t sure where to start, and we wanted to let you know that is ok. When you have a product or service that works, it is all about figuring out the proper channels to advertise and make it happen! Later, you can learn from the results to improve your ads next time.

The main goal of advertising is driving traffic to your store. You want to reach those potential customers who will benefit from your product or service or those who don’t know much about it, but once they do, they will start to get interested in what you are doing.

One business can have many audiences. Let’s use Dr. Rissy’s Writing & Marketing as an example. First, we have our current clients who follow us and know about our services. We also communicate with people interested in our fields of expertise such as marketing, writing, public relations, design, and more. And finally, we have our main targeted audience which is those people with their own business and want to use our services to take it to the next level.

Now, let’s talk about our favorite places to advertise. These are some of the ones we use for Dr. Rissy’s Writing and Marketing, and our clients.


Facebook and Instagram Ads

Social media ads are a must when you are trying to build your social media presence, and what we love about these ads is that they offer different objectives depending on which is your final business goal.

You can create a traffic objective ad where you will drive a lot of potential customers to your page, or maybe your final goal is to sell a product or service, in that case, you can create a conversion campaign that will help you achieve that goal.

Whether you are looking for brand awareness, consideration, or conversion, Facebook ads will help you reach the audience that you’re looking for and support that final goal.


PR Campaigns

Public Relations are the best way to get promoted in a local or international market. We are lucky enough to have clients all over the world and we are proud to say that our PR campaigns have worked magnificently for each of them.

PR is all about getting your product, service, or even yourself in different channels. Depending on what you offer you can showcase what you are doing in a podcast interview, get a written feature in diverse new sites, and more.

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, you need to be proud of your product or service and brag about it to the whole world!


Influencer Marketing and Brand Partnerships

Let’s be honest, influencers are running the world on all platforms. As the name says, they have the power to influence people’s behavior including their buying decisions. You should definitely get on board on an influencer campaign if you are looking for recognition and trust.

Keep one thing in mind: make sure to find influencers that go hand in hand with your product or service. For example, if you are an online clothing store then you should contact influencers that are related to the fashion industry. 

And remember, not every influencer is a good one. You should take into consideration factors such as engagement, credibility, and interaction. You want someone to drive traffic to your brand and not the other way around.

You can also create a partnership with other brands that go hand in hand with your product. Using the clothing store as an example, you can partner with jewelry brands that will beautifully complement your outfit and even create a promotion that will benefit both of you.


At Dr. Rissy’s Writing & Marketing we have services that can help you advertise your product in different channels. If your goal is to reach potential customers and new audiences make sure to get in touch with us.