Ghostwriting Basics and How We Use It to Help Our Clients

Ghostwriting has become quite popular over the last couple of years. When we started, this type of gig wasn’t as prevalent as it is today, and few people knew what it entailed. When we refer to ghostwriting, we are talking about the process of writing a document, article, book, etc. under someone else’s name. As Make A Living describes it, “Ghostwriting is when you’re writing as someone else. You write the words, and someone else gets credit as the author.”

This type of service is perfect for people who know how to express themselves but aren’t sure how to put it into words, or even for authors who are halfway through their story and unsure about what to do next for their book. We know how difficult it can be to write a book from start to finish, and that is why we have a team of ghostwriters who can guide you through the process.

One thing that differentiates our team of ghostwriters is that they know how to capture your voice perfectly and match it to your writing project. This skill of adaptability takes their talent to the next level. Most people who hire ghostwriters are worried about losing their voice within the text or having someone take their narrative to other areas and missing “the point.” At Dr. Rissy’s Writing & Marketing, we are thankful to have a process that will avoid all the problems that might arise with other lackluster ghostwriting services.


1- Interview

The first step during our ghostwriting process is setting up an introductory call between the writer assigned to their project and the client. During this interview, we ask the necessary questions to fulfill the writing project goal effectively. Our main focus is to understand where the client wants to take the project and what they want to transmit.

In this interview, we also request any pre-existing documents we can read to connect with the writing style and dig deeper into the story or project being worked on. We want our clients to feel comfortable enough with us to send us feedback, ideas, and even step in and work together on some documents and this introductory interview is a great way to establish that trust.


2- Discuss ideas

After the first interview takes place, our team reviews any applicable manuscripts or research-related topics and figures out who our target audience is. Our team writes down ideas that can bring the project to life and develops some writing pieces we can discuss with our clients in future meetings.

Then, it is time to email these ideas to our client. Depending on the ghostwriter’s availability, they are also open to setting up a call to show the client what they have done so far in real-time to see if they are happy with the direction that we are taking their project. 


3- Deliver the work, get feedback

When we decide on the direction to take as ghostwriters, the team finishes the writing project, considering any feedback from the client. Once it’s complete, we will move forward and send the first document to them for review, whether that means a first chapter of a book or a first blog article.

Then, the last step is to wait for feedback from the client. We don’t want to go too far down a path that might not be to their liking, so we take things one step at a time to ensure maximum efficiency. Our team is always happy to step in and do one complimentary round of edits per document if necessary. After all, the ultimate goal is to fulfill our client’s expectations and deliver a product they are happy to put out there.


At Dr. Rissy’s Writing & Marketing we offer ghostwriting services for everyone from authors to Fortune 500 companies! So whether you are a medical professional, author, business owner, or even an entertainer, if you want to share your story with the world, we can help you out.