If you think about it, social media has changed the way we communicate. Why? Because we have to find a way to get our audience’s attention and, depending on where you post your content and the way that you present it, you will get different results.

When you go to your preferred social media platform, you will see a bunch of different ways in which we are communicating nowadays. For example, when you go to your Instagram feed, you will see posts talking about brands’ products or services. But when you go to the stories section, the content is much more personal and emotional.

The same happens with Twitter – not so long ago, we were only able to share content with a limited amount of characters. Then we were able to support that content with images and graphics, and now we are able to share stories on this platform.

The thing with communication through social media is that you need to catch your audience’s attention in a matter of seconds. Not so long ago, when you were presenting your product or services, you were able to create these wholesome presentations for others to understand who you are and why you are doing what you are doing.

When it comes to social media, you won’t have all that time available. You need to be able to connect, to use the right messages and direct them to the right people.

People connect more with certain messages. When it is through a video, remember that people are now more visual than ever. Make sure to create content that will catch your audience’s attention in the first few seconds or sentences of your posts or videos.

We have come to understand that in the social media world, everything is quick and immediate. You need to act fast, or you may lose once in a lifetime opportunities. You will also need to take into consideration that interacting is everything in the online world. Don’t be afraid to connect with others, interact with their content, and understand what they have to say.

This week, we talked with Richa Pathak about how we communicate through social media with the pandemic situation that is going on around the world: “Businesses are going digital now, and social media has billions of active users. A lot of brands use social media to communicate with their customers – so do we. Why this is an amazing communication channel is because of the recent pandemic – the number of active users looking for services nearby increased significantly. And social media is the best platform to find those businesses. Hearing your customers on their preferred channel is the best communication strategy for individual professionals as well as businesses.”

As social media evolves and situations change, the way that we communicate has to evolve too. It is important for brands and people to use their power of adaptability and to always keep up with the new changes and trends that come across platforms.

In which ways do you think social media has changed the way we communicate?