Our social media platforms have given us the visibility that we need in order to stay in touch with current clients, inform about our products and services, and get leads that might be interested in working with us in the future.

That’s why we make such a big deal about the importance of building your online presence. Think about it this way: if people can’t find you, then they might not know you exist.

Being able to be found online is a huge advantage for your business. Let’s say someone is looking for a social media company based in New Jersey, and they decide to Google it. If you meet the criteria, you will appear in the results, which means that your company will be one of the first options that will come to mind.

What we love about having a wide online presence is that future customers can find you on different platforms: your website, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Quora, Pinterest, Reddit, and even more. On each site, you will share your expertise and experiences in different ways. For example: on your website, you can write blogs; on Facebook, you can share posts promoting your services.

This week we discussed online presence with author assistant and expert Linda Dunn, who shared her top tip with us: “Engage your followers. Give them a reason to love more than your content.”

As we have said previously, you have to share engaging content that connects with your followers. There are a lot of people sharing content about their product or services, but they don’t really show who they are. Show your essence and make others know YOU.

You can take a look at Dr. Rissy’s Writing and Marketing as an example. You can find our profiles on different platforms, and in each one, we have a different goal. When it comes to Twitter, our goal is to keep everyone informed about the latest marketing and copywriting news. On Facebook and LinkedIn, we promote our services in order to find new clients, and on Instagram, we share fun and interesting content that our audience can interact with.

Each platform serves a different purpose. Make sure to use the right one for you, and work every day to improve your social presence – you will see incredible results!