How to Balance the Work-Life Balance – “Delegate”

What’s the fun in making it big when you have no time to celebrate? Were you aiming for the kind of life where you would have no time for yourself?

Apparently, we all started working for money, but the bigger reason to work is freedom. Freedom from depending on others for basic life necessities. But now as we have started working, the sense of freedom is losing its meaning.

But as someone had said, you can find the solution to a problem if you look for answers and do some research on the internet. One of the answers to your problem with time management is delegation.

What is delegating?

Delegating is allocating your task to someone else. Of course, you need to choose the right person for delegating, but you get better at it with time (soon, you will realize that your cook can’t manage the finances of your company).

You delegate a task to someone when you know that he/she is better than or equivalent to you at the task. It kills two birds with one stone, it keeps you productive as well as get more things done. Delegating can include everything, from assigning people to iron your clothes to filling in the Microsoft Excel sheets.

Why delegate?

Delegating can be necessary for growth. Unless you are Flash or Superman, you can’t be everywhere, doing everything.

Consider this scenario;, it’s 1:00 pm, you have a meeting in the next two hours, but the groceries at home are out of stock. You can tackle it in two ways.

Case1- You go to the mall with your wife in your car. Buy the groceries. Ask your wife to drive back home and leave for work on a public bus. Everything feels rushed. You feel tired by the fall of evening.

Case2- You ask your wife to buy the groceries, leave for the meeting in a cab. Make the necessary notes while sitting in the back seat of the cab, attend the meeting, and bring a nice gift for her later that evening.

Case 2 is an example of good delegation. Where you reallocated the work to your wife and cab driver.

Delegating can increase your overall productivity. Delegating also makes your bond with the other person better because he/she knows that you trust him/her enough for the completion of the job.

When to delegate?

The idea of giving up control sounds scary. You have the certain expectations from the task at hand, but the other person may have some other ideas. It’s necessary that you both agree on a common ground before the delegation.

Delegation can become absolutely necessary when you have a ton of things to manage. You need to understand that you are not good everything and also there is no need to be.

You can give the responsibility of website maintenance of your flower shop to that young employee who is good with a camera and coding.

There is no doubt that you have to do your part of work. But, by doing it all, you will at some point feel that things are getting out of hand. You need to give up the less important things and focus on the overall result.