5 Reason Why it is Important for Businesses to Update Their Blogs Frequently

As a business owner, generating leads and converting these to new business is the ultimate goal. Blogging is an important passive way to grow your business. With a functioning business website, including a blog section directs your targeted clients to your website, giving you an opportunity to convert these leads.

However, most business owners remain oblivious to the importance of a blog on their website. It seems like a lot of work andtime to hire someone to write regular content for your blog. However, this is an initial ceffort with long-term benefits. Here are 5 reasons why you should update your blog frequently.


Generate more traffic to your website


Up -to -date content ranks higher on search engines, who direct queries to your site. The more high-quality content you publish on your site, the more the indexing is done by search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. By posting targeted blog posts to your audience, you are able to direct the relevant audience to your site.


Frequently updated blogs remain relevant and helps build trust with your audience


When a search query is entered on a search engine, the visitor is likely to be more interested in the latest results. If you have a relevant blog post answering the query, if it was published a few years ago, it may not prove relevant today. Current blog updates not only are relevant but instill trust in your authority on the topic and in the business. You come out as a business owner that keeps up with the current trends in your line of business. Outdated content can drive leads away from your site as they are left wondering if you are still in business. If so, they question your knowledge of the current trends.


Improved domain authority


Search engines work by ranking sites depending on keywords and quality of content. If you are in a service industry, for instance, frequent blog posts on topics related to your service builds up your SEO -ranking prompting your site showing higher on search engine results. Consequently, higher ranking results to in more visitors to your site whom you can convert to new customers.


Create an active social media presence


Having a blog on your website helps create an active audience on social media. Whether you have social media pages or not, visitors are able to share your content via their own social media accounts directing more visitors to your site. Social media provides a whole new audience for your business as most people rely on social media for news and updates.


Opportunity to turn visitors into leads


How do you convert your site visitors into business leads? By adding a call to action on your blogs, you can transform a few site visitors into leads. Calls to action may include newsletter subscription, free downloadable content on your site, or your contact us button. Either way, the visitor can engage with you beyond the blog post and can convert into business.


As a business owner, you should utilize all opportunities available to communicate your brand and establish your authority in the industry. A blog is an important aspect of your business as it gives you the platform to voice your business to prospective clients and engage them through feedback and comments on your posts. Frequent blog posts encourage constant engagement gradually cementing your business and brand in the subconscious of your visitors. When in need of your services, they automatically know whom to turn to.