When it comes to drafting an “about us” page for a client, I think about what I would like to read about a certain company. After reflecting on what my clients want in their websites, as well as what I want in my own, I have discovered that the most entertaining about us pages tell a story. 

I enjoy reading about us pages that describe how the company started, the factors which motivated them to start a journey as a company, and how they want to help others with their services. 

For example, when you read about Johnnie Walker whiskey, they tell you a story about an ordinary Scottish grocer named John Walker, who started his business in Ayrshire. Later, his son took over the business, and passed it down to his sons later still. It is a story about a family whose passion for distilling was passed down from generation to generation. The ways in which they improved their whiskey production over time is responsible for transforming the business into one of the most famous whiskey brands worldwide.

On the Dr. Rissy’s Writing and Marketing website, you can read about us and how our business developed over the years on our principal landing page. We use this story to inform our readers about the many different types of services we offer.

The company started as a simple copywriting service. Later on, we started to learn about social media, web design, lead generation, and much more. To make a long story short, we provide results because we put in the time and energy to master the process leading up to those results. 

Dr. Rissy’s Writing and Marketing team consists of many content creators and social media experts. We love what we do, and as such, we are happy to create amazing content for you. Not only will our content be exciting and engaging, but it will also draw in readers and customers from all over the world!

Nobody wants to read about a company that has no connection to the people who run it, or vice versa. People want to read something that they will find engaging. An about us page allows you to connect with your audience at the point where it matters most, all because it tells them what you do and how you came to do it.