Gain new patients for your medical practice with our 4-Pillar framework...

in just 6 MONTHS!

What if we told you there was an easy, proven way to boost the number of patients you get, retain, and communicate with?

Whom it's for

Our 4-Pillar Framework Marketing for Medical Professionals looking to...


Our team is well-versed in lead generation and can get you more patients.


We'll help you leverage the network you already have and get your patients to refer new patients to you.


We'll boost your social media to help more people see and respond to your content.


If you sell any type of product in your office, we can help.


We'll help you form lasting relationships with patients.


We'll boost your relationship with other healthcare providers.

how it works

The 4-Pillar Framework

The 4-Pillar Program by the Numbers

The cost, timeline, and expectations.

What You'll Get in the 4-Pillar Program

For $2500/month for 6-months, you'll get a structured program with the following:

  • A 90-Minute Intake call
  • A 2-hr Mastermind Group Coaching Call for private members held twice a month, giving you the chance to network with professionals such as Dr. Morissa in an exclusive group.
  • 360° marketing training for your medical practice, covering Ads, Social Media, PR and SEO
  • Ads: We will conduct the research for a leads campaign, in addition to creating the graphics and text.
  • Social Media: We will conduct a weekly audit and create a 3-month content calendar including hashtag research, original text written by us and original graphics.
  • Public Relations: We will seek and secure podcast and popular website opportunities to help boost your brand image and awareness.
  • Learn about our 4-Pillar Marketing Accelerator for Medical Professionals

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    Next Steps:

    Phase 01

  • Onboarding: We will conduct an initial interview. Looking into your offerings, brand and tone.

  • Create a Content Calendar

  • Mastermind Session
  • Get Started

    Phase 02

  • Initiate the 4-Pillar Framework

  • Mastermind Session
  • Get Started

    Phase 03

  • Optimize the 4-Pillar Framework

  • Mastermind Session
  • Get Started

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