Lately, we have been thinking a lot about websites and how to improve them. So let’s discuss some features that can take your website to the next level!

Your website should be easy to navigate, first and foremost. If your site is simple to understand, your audience will feel comfortable and stay there for a reasonable period of time. When a website is difficult to navigate, then they will most likely leave straight away.

Make sure to include the right buttons in all the right places, and ensure every single one of them is functional. Also, you can make your website more interesting by designing these buttons with icons that complement the overall look of your site.

Great websites also sport simple and responsive designs. The days of crazy ’90s Geocities color-splashes and wacky, avant-garde designs are long gone. I recommend hiring a designer to handle your site’s aesthetic because they will know better than anyone how to make your site pop.

Remember, however, that good design is not everything. Your site also needs to be responsive across all platforms, being effective and simple to navigate on diverse devices such as phones, tablets, laptops, and more.

Don’t forget web developers, copywriters, and bloggers as well. Creating an excellent website is all about teamwork, so make sure to find the right people, whom you feel most comfortable with regarding sharing ideas and getting work done.

Last, but certainly not least, the website needs to load quickly. If a site is sluggish and takes forever to load, your visitors won’t take forever to leave.

This piece of advice goes hand-in-hand with everything mentioned above. If you have a well-designed, simple, and responsive website, you will have few to no loading issues at all. If, however, your site is overloaded with big designs and zany, dancing text, the landing page will take ages to load and your loyal follower count will be low enough to count on one hand.

Now we want to know YOUR opinion. What other features would you include as key to making a great website?