Pinterest Ads Can Scale Your Business’ Social Media Presence

Pinterest is a silent competitor in our social media marketing strategies. Most companies feel that there is no way to utilize it, but we always shock our clients with the results we are able to bring in. The reason we love it so much is that the segmentation on this platform is so detailed and unique. Pinterest targets its users based on their interests and creates personalized recommendations depending on their pins and current boards. To make it simple to understand, Pinterest considers the user’s interaction with the content and ensures that the next time they log into their account that they will be shown additional things they will enjoy.

According to the Hootsuite Blog, Pinterest users spend twice as much time logged on as users on any other social media platform do. “Pinterest is unique among social platforms because its users are — largely — going there to discover new products, and they respond well to ads. Pinterest offers a mix of free and paid advertising tools, and combining both can earn you 3x more conversions and twice the ROI on your ad spend, versus paid ads alone.”

This means that if you are looking to expose your business to new audiences and increase your overall conversions, this is the right platform for you. In this blog, we will walk you through a small Pinterest lesson where you will learn the types of pins available to your company and the benefits of running ads on this platform.


Pinterest Pin

These are the traditional pins that have existed since the platform launched. You can upload a photo or video that allows others to find inspiration or even add it to their boards. With a traditional pin, you can show your audience what your business does or even demonstrate how you can solve their problems.


Idea Pins

This is a new feature that was introduced this past year. These pins are videos or picture segments where you can show your audience bits and pieces of your business. You can show up to 20 segments, and the idea is that the user can swipe through them to interact with your account and learn about your company’s core ideas and promotions.


Product Pins

These pins are one of our favorite features because they use Augmented Reality (AR) to let the users play around with and try out (or on) your product. It’s especially trendy in the fashion industry because people like to try on make-up products and jewelry, and even see how a piece of clothing can look on themselves.



Benefits of Pinterest Ads

Now that we know the types of Pinterest Pins available to your company, it’s time to learn how Pinterest Ads can help your business grow and generate high-quality leads and conversions. Below are a few benefits of implementing these ads in your business.


Low-Cost Ads

Pinterest ad costs are lower than you expect compared to other social media platforms. In our experience, brands usually go for Facebook or Google Ads because they are the most common and well-known platforms to advertise your products. This leaves Pinterest as an underutilized market that your company can take advantage of, and their low-cost options are perfect for businesses looking to make the most of a smaller budget.


Growing Platform

According to Cyberclick, Pinterest gained 40% more users between 2017 and 2019, almost doubling its users. In the wake of COVID-19, the growth of this platform has been steadily increasing even moreso, with new users joining to find new products and inspiration for their daily life.


Buying Decisions

Pinterest is one of the most influential platforms when it comes to impacting buying decisions because users go to other platforms, such as Facebook or Instagram, to enjoy lifestyle content. When they come to Pinterest, they want to research different options before making a purchase. In fact, 93% of users who see a promotional pin have been found to save it for future buying decisions.



At Dr. Rissy’s Writing & Marketing, we have a social media marketing team of certified experts that can create a Pinterest strategy custom-made for your business. We can help you set up a profile, design pins, and even create an ad campaign to get your company more seen. Schedule a call with us today, and let’s discuss what the best social media path is for you.