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The Power of Effective Written Communication in Business

Written communication in business is designed to convey information. Internal communication addresses staff, employees and parties to the business. External information is crafted for a public audience. Under-estimating the power of effective written communication in business is a costly mistake for any business owner.

Written communication in form of print media, newsletters, marketing campaigns, policies and reviews forms a communication resource through which information is relayed to other parties. Business writing relies heavily on effective communication to avoid misinterpretation of the information being passed along.

As a business owner, being cautious about your written communication ensures your relay the right information to your audience. Written communication, relayed through the right channels is well received and responded accordingly.

Your PR strategy in business is heavily reliant on effective written communication. You cannot always address your audience verbally. In most cases, officially issued statements are used for communication. These are always in form of writing and a perfect example of how powerful written communication is.

Below are other advantages of effective written communication in your business.

  • Future Reference – Written communication allows for future reference depending on the information being passed along. If this is through WebPages or the internet, it is easy to find this content.
  • Precise information – Unlike oral communication, written communication is precise and straight to the point. Beating along the bush on written communication will lose your audience before you relay the message. It is advised that you be precise and straight to the point to keep your audience’s attention.
  • Mass circulation – Written communication is quite simple to circulate to a number of people. A digital print of the communication is sent out in bulk to many recipients making the communication process very seamless. This is especially popular with sales copies, marketing emails, newsletters and other business information.
  • Documented feedback – Feedback on your business, good or bad is ‘Good’ feedback. This is because it is a response to your communication nonetheless. From the feedback, you are able to gauge how effective your communication is and make the necessary improvements. You can document the feedback  for future reference as well.
  • Lead generation – Digital marketing is the new craze in driving more sales in your business. From sales funnels, emails and SEO web content, more sales are being realized. Without effectively communicating your brand, its services and products, it is highly unlikely you succeed at digital marketing. This is because any slight misinterpretation of your information sends the wrong impression to your potential clients.

Digital marketing thrives on effective written communication and significantly contributes to bulk sales in any business.


The current trend in business is heavily invested in written communication. The communication is designed to be effective, capturing the audience’s attention and guiding their response to your communication. Effective written communication in business helps you connect with your target customers. Hiring writing services is the best way to make sure you are effectively communicating with your customers with professionally written web content. Contact us today at Dr. Rissy’s Writing for professionally written web content.