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How Dr. Rissy’s Adds Value through Guest Posts

Most companies:

Most companies will write a press release and just go to a press release distribution website, paying them to use the same press release on hundreds of websites. Even worse, that press release usually goes up on deep pages of those websites that will not get many (if any) views.


What does that mean? This doesn’t actually generate many leads or increased brand awareness for you and your company.

Bottom line: A generic press release and recycled content on hidden web links does not generate much (if any) value for your company.

How our process differs:

We at Dr. Rissy’s Writing and Marketing create original articles for every single site placement. We write custom, well-researched, SEO articles and then pitch them personally or use our connections to get the articles placed on high-domain-authority websites.

This gets the articles placed on the site’s homepage or blog, meaning the articles will be read by large audiences, instead of just getting buried like the generic press releases other companies create.

Often, this original content is shared by said sites and magazines to their social media. Plus, having custom, well-written and well-thought-out articles means that you, too, can share these placements to your social media, and it won’t be the same recycled press release spamming your readers’ feeds.


Bottom Line: Our team is comprised of native English speakers who are professional writers, marketers, and editors, so every single article you get is high-quality. Our services add immense value to your brand!