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Marketing – Hourly Rate

Marketing – Hourly Rate



$52 rate is per hour. Purchase quantity should be based on the number of hours required.

We are dedicated in our resolve to make sure your products, services, and content are put right in front of your target audience, whether it’s a generalized consumer base or a more specific set of clients. Through the use of advertising as well as other marketing practices, we help deliver your message right to your audience.


“I initially hired Doc Morissa to write a grant for my non-profit organization. She did such a great job that I hired her to consult with me on my business and how to improve it. That went well as well, so I expanded her role even further, putting her and the rest of her team to work on our social media and marketing platforms while continuing to coach us. She is my guiding light. My company would not be successful without all that she has provided. She is a Godsend. I know we will keep working together for years and she’ll keep helping us grow. Thanks Doc!”

-Sharee L.