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Professional Marketing & Writing Services – Weekly Pricing

Professional Marketing & Writing Services – Weekly Pricing


This package is billed at $250 per week.

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The most budget-friendly of our package offerings. This package includes the following at $250 per week:

  • Content on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram every other day
  • Original content on Twitter with engagement 5 times per day
  • 500 new and engaged followers on your social media (< 90 days)
  • SEO blog post tailored specifically to your industry

This package focuses primarily on two fronts of engagement—the first being social media, the second being your website.

My team and I will create original content for both fronts. It will generate a higher number of active and responsive followers on one hand while creating a funnel that draws those same people towards your website on the other.

We are also happy to customize this option for you. For example, if your client-base lives on Facebook rather than Instagram, we will double down on that and run the ads on that platform for you.