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RSViP Marketing & Writing Services – Weekly Pricing

RSViP Marketing & Writing Services – Weekly Pricing


This package is billed at $750 per week.

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Our premium, top tier package offering. This package includes all of the following at $750 per week:

  • Public relations services
  • One-on-one strategy sessions (1 hr/week)
  • Marketing services by the Dr. Rissy’s team (up to 20 hrs/week)
  • eBook services

Plus, all services offered in the Advanced Professional Package!

This premier service is designed with the intent to create a proper lead magnet. We spare no expense in making your brand as visible and engaging to your target audience as possible, going beyond social media and website management to create a far more holistic marketing campaign. If you’re dead serious about growing your business, then RSViP is the option for you.

The RSViP package is truly a ViP service, as you’ll receive everything in the Advanced Professional Package, while also enjoying priority status in our day-to-day operations. You’ll be in close contact with both myself and my team as we create a much wider variety of content, plus outreach opportunities for other forms of media.

Depending on your needs, the time we take to provide the services listed in the first two packages ranges anywhere between 5-12 hours per week. RSViP increases our dedication to your growth as a company well beyond those boundaries. Combine that with the savings mentioned in the Advanced option, what you’re receiving is an immediate return on investment that you can see at work every step of the way!