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Social Media Management – Hourly Rate

Social Media Management – Hourly Rate



$52 rate is per hour. Purchase quantity should be based on the number of hours required.

Our team goes beyond helping you schedule posts for your social media platforms. Our efforts help you garner new followers, get new likes, shares, and clicks on your social media pages. Not only can we help you improve your social media pages, but we are also motivated to expand your community of engaged followers.


“Morissa is a role model. I learned so much about social media from her talk. She was engaging, inspirational, and even quite funny. Highly recommended.”

-Mutua L.

“Morissa was great. Diligent and responsive. It has been a pleasure. I look forward to having her on more projects in the future.”

Maya S.

“I am new to marketing strategies through social media. After spending almost two weeks whirling and twirling through blogs, online courses, and friends, I decided to hire a consultant. This was the best money I ever spent! Morissa explained things at my level, helped me remove mental clutter, and gave me some great suggestions.”

-Linda M.