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Standard Writing Service – 1000 Words

Standard Writing Service – 1000 Words



Pricing is based on a length of 1000 words. If you need more than 1000 words, please order more than one item.

Our standard service package is our signature package and gives you the most bang for your buck if you are looking for blog posts. If you own a blog, you likely know that your content must be clear, concise, and, above all else, attention-grabbing. With so many blogs on the internet these days, and everyone claiming to be an expert in something, your blog must distance itself from your competition. With this service, you will get just that!

First, you will be assigned one of our staff writers. The writer assigned to you will be the most qualified member of our team to research and write about the topics on which your blog posts will primarily focus. Next, your assigned writer will review your request, evaluate your four preferred focus keywords, and begin doing preliminary research. Once your assigned writer has a sufficient amount of data derived from credible sources, he or she will start writing your posts. While drafting your posts, your assigned writer will do his or her best to assume your voice or will use a tone that you have requested (e.g., corporate, technical/scientific).

Then, once your writer has completed the first draft of your requested blog posts, he or she will review it for typos, grammatical errors, sentence structure, and ensure that it is optimally optimized for search engine effectiveness. Upon completion of this review, your assigned writer will create a proper citation in MLA, APA, or Chicago 13 for each of the references used throughout your blog posts. Once this has been completed, your writer will deliver your content, and your readers will be none-the-wiser.


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