Website Building and SEO for WordPress and Wix




In this course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization for your DIY website. We’ll cover SEO blog writing, metadata, back-end SEO, backlinks, keywords, and more! All you need to rank on Google is at your fingertips. 


Course Outline:


Video One –  Getting Set Up Part 1

  • What is SEO?
  • Why is SEO important for your website?
  • How can you optimize your website for Google?


Video Two – Getting Set Up Part 2

  • Determine your site’s purpose
  • Know your competitors
  • How to set up your SEO plan to achieve your goals


Video Three – Getting found on Google

  • How to get your site listed
  • Homepage friendliness
  • Is your website optimized for mobile searches?

Video Four – Building your site to accomplish your goals

  • How to structure your site’s data
  • What content should go where


Video Five – Wix SEO

  • Wix-specific SEO (how to use Wix’s interface, etc.)
  • Image alt-text how to
  • Back-end how to


Video Six – WordPress SEO

  • WordPress-Specific SEO
  • The best SEO widget
  • Image alt-text how to
  • Back-end how to
  • Using Slugs to help with SEO


Video Seven – understanding SEO metrics + SEO upkeep

  • Some important metrics to know
  • Getting better integrated with google search console
  • Tracking conversions and leads
  • Basic goal setting 
  • SEO upkeep