Reasons why you should be already using YouTube Shorts

YouTube was one of the first social media platforms to rise; if you recall the rise of the Internet, you might remember the days of funny cat videos, vlogs, or even memes like “Charlie bit my finger.” 

However now, we are in an era where everything is so much more fast-paced, meaning that brands have to figure out a better way to catch their consumer’s attention. This is why platforms like TikTok became so popular. Videos only last 30 seconds, and during that time, you need to say or demonstrate enough to gain followers that are interested in what you do.

If you are old-school like us, you might recall Vine, a platform that was very similar to TikTok but got bought out by a larger media company. It followed the same concept: short videos that could catch your attention in seconds. Maybe the app was too innovative at the time, but today Tiktok reaches millions with this fun way of making content.

That’s why a lot of social media platforms followed the same concept. Instagram launched Reels, Facebook has stories, and now you can upload Shorts on Youtube. YouTube Shorts are videos from under one minute to showcase your knowledge, talent, life, etc. According to Vamp Brands: “This new and exciting feature is an attempt from the Google-owned platform to re-capture the attention of short-form video viewers.”


The two main reasons to use YouTube Shorts

Now that we know that this new format hooks viewers’ attention, here are a few reasons why you should be using this video format. YouTube is one of the largest platforms to date.

According to the Omnicore Youtube Stats, this platform has more than 2 billion Monthly Active Users, and the total number of daily YouTube shorts views is 6.5 billion.

When your goal is to put your content out there, YouTube is the most obvious choice. Even though it is a large platform that has a lot of competition, you can use hashtags and keywords that can place you in the right places.

If you plan out your content correctly, you can have hundreds of views in just a few days. So remember: figure out what your audience likes to watch, create content for them, and upload it to YouTube Shorts!


  • It’s easier to convert your viewers into subscribers with YouTube Shorts


YouTube Shorts give you an opportunity to show a glimpse of yourself to future subscribers. If you are a YouTube creator, we recommend cutting your videos into smaller clips and uploading them as Shorts. That is an excellent way to show your future subscribers what you do, and they can decide to follow you on this platform.

Even bigger creators have grown their audience even more with YouTube Shorts. This fantastic feature from the platform has allowed their users to find content that they like. And even though they haven’t released how their algorithm works, we are pretty sure that it is something similar to TikTok, where they discover what you like and start showing you similar videos.


  • YouTube Shorts are here to stay


The results have been amazing since it started. New and old YouTube content creators have been able to reach thousands and even millions through YouTube Shorts.

What we personally love about the YouTube feature, and what we think will make it stay for decades, is that creators from all around the world joined the platform just to create these fun videos. So, if you haven’t posted your first vertical video, it’s time to do it! YouTube Shorts are here to stay.


At. Dr. Rissy’s Writing & Marketing we can help you upload your YouTube shorts, and we can even create small videos for your social media platforms. We are proud to say that our founder Morissa Schwartz can even offer one on one consulting sessions so you can take your social media to the next level. Contact us today and we will happily schedule a session with you.