Reasons why you should hire a marketing agency

As a marketing agency, many people ask us the same question: why should we hire you? Well, the truth is that everybody that wants their business to succeed in social media needs a marketing agency.

Every day brands decide to open a social media profile to advertise their products and services, some have success, and others fail, but why? Well, when you work with a social media strategy, you will be able to keep improving posts and from there, you can move forward with intention.

That’s what a marketing agency does for you. At Dr. Rissy’s Writing & Marketing, we create strategies for our clients and follow them to give them the best results possible. We understand that every client is different, and what works for one might not have the best results for others.

A marketing agency understands your individuality and makes sure to work towards your ultimate goal. Do you want to get more clients? Have more reach? Get more product awareness? Each of these goals is different, and we can create a strategy that works for every one of them.

It’s 2021, everybody is on social media, and you can’t keep doubting yourself about what to do or not do to be successful. Here are our top 3 reasons why you should hire a marketing agency for your business.

  • 1. We will modernize your strategy.

As we mentioned before, marketing agencies work with a strategy, and even if you have one, we make sure to modernize it. One of the benefits of marketing agencies is that we are always on top of trends, and there’s something that you might be missing and haven’t realized.

When you work with a marketing agency, you have the opportunity to evolve, and there is one thing that you should always keep in mind: your marketing strategy grows with you.

We have seen many clients work with their same strategy for months, and what worked before might not be as effective now. Social media is all about living and interacting with the community around you, and as a community, we grow every day.

We recommend updating your strategy every year, and if we see it necessary, we can correct it every few months. One of the perks of working under a plan is giving you results that let you and your business grow.

  • 2. You will have time for your business.

Let’s be honest, nobody has time to do everything for their company, and if they do, the results will not be the best. When you hire a marketing agency, you will focus on what’s important to you while doing your marketing job!

Not many people realize this, but marketing takes a lot of time and effort. There’s a misconception about where people think marketing is only posting on social media and what’s wrong.

Marketing agencies go above and beyond. We can do content marketing for your website, email marketing to keep in touch with your customers, PR to get you and your business out there, and so much more.

A good marketing agency does not limit itself to social media, we want the best for our clients, and we will always give them the best option to promote their business.

  • 3. You are hiring creative ideas.

You will hear this a lot: “it is important to think outside the box.” For us, there’s no box! When it comes to creating content and trying out new ideas, there’s no limit.

That’s what we love the most about our job, getting creative with strategies, content, and more. And let’s be honest, everybody talks about creativity like it’s an easy job, but when it comes to implementing the ideas it is not as easy as everyone’s thoughts.

Because we are open and welcome every idea that comes to our plate, but we have to be realistic and stick to the ones that are going to work. Remember: there are no good or bad ideas. Some ideas work perfectly for a client and do not go well for others. It is all about adaptation and making sure that every part of the creative process fits perfectly.


What do the experts have to say?

This week we wanted to discuss the topic with someone who has had experience with in-house marketing and marketing agencies. Mandy McEwen (@MandyModGirl) is an experienced social media marketer who has generated brand demand for business-to-business enterprises. As she mentioned on her website:

“Large marketing firms are readily available for hire these days, and it may seem like a good solution for business owners who are looking to access a wealth of knowledge and experience, without having to worry about being slowed down by the learning curve, investing in ongoing training, difficulty upscaling, or paying out costly salaries.”

When you decide to work with a marketing agency, you have to keep in mind that you are hiring a team of experts who will guide you through every step of the way. And the main goal is to keep you aware and comfortable during every step of the marketing process.


Dr. Rissy’s Writing & Marketing is an agency that does everything for its clients, and we want to make sure that they feel cared for. Every day we make sure to keep in communication with our clients, and that’s how they know that their marketing plan is going as smoothly as possible. 

If you want to leave your business in good hands, you have come to the right place. Contact us and get a quote from us.