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Why SEO Matters

Did you know SEO can make or break a business? With countless websites and profiles on the world wide web, it's easy for one voice to get drowned out. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, ensures potential clients see your page FIRST when searching your keywords!

We are a top ranked SEO services agency in NJ & NYC! *

We’re experts at a wide-range of SEO Services, including:

  • Comprehensive Google search SEO (most popular, for your website)
  • Amazon search SEO (popular with Authors and Retailers, for your Amazon listings)
  • SEO strategy (combined with social media management)
  • Back-end SEO (website)
  • Front-end SEO (website)
  • Social media profile SEO
  • Ongoing SEO
  • Back-link SEO (website)
  • SEO blogging (combined with copywriting)

Case Studies

Continued Growth in the Construction Sector!

Amston Tool Company came to us in early 2019, looking for social media services to grow their following. As sellers of safety equipment in the construction industry, it was essential to connect with industry leaders and construction companies across the USA.

We took over their social media and gained quick traction across all platforms and followed up over the months with consistent growth and engagement.

See the numbers and sample posts in the infographic PDF! 

From Launch to  Continued Growth

Use Me In The Kitchen was looking for a brand launch plan, starting from entirely new accounts. Use Me In The Kitchen is a brand specializing in cooking products and supplies.

After creating an editorial calendar, we started from scratch on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. We implemented organic posts, paid ads, email newsletters, and a contest to ensure the best brand launch.

See the numbers and sample posts in the infographic PDF! 

SEO Optimization & Content Creation

Bodies in Motion is a client for both our Marketing and Content Creation services. However, this case study focuses on the content creation portion of their contract. As a children’s gym in Boise, Idaho, they need to make sure they are always attracting new customers.

To do so, it is vital that their website is always getting unique visits and multiple page visits. We determined that the best course of action would be to create blogs on their site that will both boost their google ranking and keep customers engaged.

See the numbers and sample posts in the infographic PDF! 

See samples of our work here!

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client say


Shoilee B. | Thumbtack SEO, Social Media, PR, Advertising

"Ok--I honestly don't know where to begin with this, but Morissa and her team went above and beyond in every aspect of helping me with my debut novel. They were always proactive about getting me the best interviews, podcasts, and features in articles. In addition, they helped me with my website and SEO so that when people searched for me, they FOUND me !! 🙂 They also assisted with ads, visuals for my social medias, and responded to my anxieties that I sent in the form of questions at ungodly hours of the night lol. Please believe me when I say this: if you're searching for anyone to help with promotion or SEO or honestly anything to advertise your product, Morissa and her team are IT. It doesn't get better than that.”


Jacob B. | Thumbtack Social Media Marketing

"Great Experience, kind, and understanding."


Ammar Hamdani | Upwork SEO & Social Media Marketing

"Morissa was an absolute legend. Very helpful, thoughtful and insightful! Cannot recommend her highly enough."


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