Social media can deliver information in a heartbeat. In fact, most people on social media prefer it that way.

So if you, as a marketer, offer information in a long and drawn-out manner, you’re not likely to gain a large audience or customer base. This is why I have always said one’s social media posts should be simple and straight to the point.

If you want to stand out in this competitive world, you as a marketer have to make sure your posts stand out and catch your audience’s attention within seconds. 

If you offer up a crazy wall of text, most people will immediately scroll away, lest they become overwhelmed by all the words.

BUT, when a person sees a simple post that gets straight to the point, they will likely stop for a few seconds and actually read what you are saying. 

When simplifying your social media posts, make sure you do not diverge too much from the subject. Keep on track, and close with a powerful message that will keep the readers’ attention long after they’re done reading.

If you are using images, remember to keep that simple too. Instead of over-designed and needlessly ornate, keep your design to the point while ensuring the quality and content remain noticeable.

Also, people click on posts depending on the title, so remember that your title should also be something short that grabs people’s attention.  

Like “Simplify Your Marketing Posts.” BOOM. Simple, right?

When it comes to social media: the simpler, the better. Try this advice for yourself and let me know how it works for you!