When it comes to creating a new look for your social media platforms, you will always want to have a design that goes along with your overall branding. “How difficult would it be to achieve this,” you might ask. Whatever the situation may be, you can accomplish a great design if you know your brand and how your company fulfills the promises of that brand through your product or service.

Having good social media design isn’t just about creating graphics to post on your sites on a daily basis. You can stand out by using your imagination in innovative ways. Because social media is all about interaction, you will need to find a way to interact with your audience through your designs.

Try experimenting with all the different options and platforms at your disposal! Creating a graphic for Pinterest is different than creating a graphic for Instagram or Facebook. These graphics need to express your overall values as a company within the technical limitations of each platform. Using the appropriate colors, fonts, vectors, file types, file sizes, and dimensions will determine the success that each design will achieve.

A trend has been going around recently regarding themes for your social media design graphics. Making the most of these themes is a great way to identify your brand. First, you will want to select your brand’s color scheme and use it across your posting schedule. To remain consistent in your ability to innovate, change your design slightly every once in a while. Every platform needs to be taken care of in a particular way; therefore, slight tweaks to the presentation of your brand works wonders.

Use a specific typeface consistently in your graphics. My recommendation is to use no more than three fonts in your designs. Each font you decide to use should also be legible and easy to read – there’s nothing more distracting than trying to read something in a writing style that is too garish or ornate.

Another way to spice up your accounts is by creating puzzles. If you take a set of six or nine graphics and scramble them up, you can invite your visitors to put them together in your Instagram account. Once they do, the images will reveal one big graphic with innovative content.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel regarding social media – all you need to do is roll it down a different hill. Let your imagination fly and create the unexpected!