I have been wondering as of late whether a single type of marketing strategy could work for every person or business out there. Seeing as how my company is focused on doing 360 marketing, we are qualified to do it all: paid ads, organic, social media, SEO, funnels and more. But should 360 marketing be considered the one strategy that will work for everyone?

As an agency, you should create a plan that reaches customers by using all contact points possible. This is ultimately the definition of the term “360 marketing.” These types of campaigns focus on enabling and maximizing the chances of getting new customers, as well as enable and maximize the tools you have to engage with those audiences in diverse ways.

Many of the clients I have met said that they don’t have the budget to do everything that 360 marketing services offers. So they ask me these kinds of questions: “Where should I start? Should I start posting organically in social media and hope that people find me? Or should I do some ads and hope that people see the ad, find me and then start organic?”

My advice is to start organic – why pay for ads when you can start building your presence? Once you have that, it becomes far easier to scale your marketing efforts or simply try out something new.

This leads us to discuss another important factor when it comes to 360 marketing is to achieve consistency. Success is the only option to strive for in any area of your business, whether it comes through reaching new clients, through engagement with your audience, or even a better sales funnel for your product or services.

The path one takes to get there is as varied as one entrepreneur from another. I know a lot of people who have started using better SEO with their own website and have had great results. I also know many others who have started with a PPC campaign, and they have also had great results.

360 marketing allows you can start small from whatever point you choose to focus on and then start growing in a way that feels natural to both yourself and your client base. Let’s say your budget only had enough free resources to run an ad campaign. Once you see that return on investment, you can choose to hire someone to run your social media, or you could even get in touch with some influencers who would like to work with your brand. Regardless of the decision you make, 360 marketing specialists know how to keep that level of success moving ever forward!

So let me ask you this – if you could only choose one marketing method, what would it be? What do you think would happen if you chose a 360 marketing company like Dr. Rissy’s to guide your business development over the long term?


If you could only choose one marketing method, which would you choose?

Posted by Morissa Schwartz on Friday, August 2, 2019