The Four “P” Formula In Copywriting: Everything You Need To Know

When it comes to writing good copy, it is all about maintaining a conversation with your potential customers or current audience. Marketing is all about understanding what people want and what you can do as a business to fulfill their needs. That’s why ensuring you write effective copy can help you maximize your conversions and help you generate new leads.

But what does good copy include? First of all, it should have a solid structure, and be organized to guide the reader’s train of thought, making them follow the predetermined path to your final goal. So, whether you want to increase sales, gain new customers, or even get more leads, it’s all about writing in a way that will make them reach that decision.

This is where the four “P” formula comes into play. This technique covers the elements of attention, interest, desire, and action. The formula is popular because it works for both written and audio/video content.

The Four Ps Approach


The name of this approach is determined by the four steps: promise, picture, proof, and push. This aims to promote a particular offer, product, or service to your final customer. It’s a detail-orientated approach that gives your audience guidance on the steps to take to understand your service offering.

Many copywriters may be familiar with this formula as it’s one of the most frequently used techniques to create conversion. In case you are not familiar with it yet, we will walk you through the four steps of the four “P” formula.




When it comes to copywriting, the first step is the most important one. This is where you catch the consumer’s attention, and it determines whether they will keep reading or not. During this step, you tell the customer what’s in it for them — how can they benefit from your brand?

When you make a promise, your goal should be to appeal to what that person cares about. How can you make their life easier? How can you help them solve a problem? This line should have a punch and be catchy enough to make them interested in what you are selling and keep going down the funnel.




This is where your storytelling skills come into play. You will want to describe a vivid picture of how they can enjoy that benefit that you talked about previously. A descriptive text appeals to the emotions of the reader, and it makes them invested in what you have to say next.

It’s about giving them an ideal situation about how their life would be improved once they start using your product or service.




You already gave them a promise and discussed with them how the offering could make their life better. Now, it’s time to prove to them how you plan to do that.

Whether it’s clients’ testimonials, graphs, final results, presentations, case studies, or any other types of backup, you should be able to show them how your service will solve their problems. The picture step appeals to the emotional side, and the proof step is all about the logical facts to support that emotional factor to give you credibility.




Last but certainly not least is the push. So, you have your reader excited about your product or services. How do you push them to take action? We’re glad you asked.

Think of this step as the last scene of a play or a movie that does not finish the story just yet. If done correctly, this will leave your reader wanting more and wanting it immediately. When it comes to copywriting using this approach, your goal is to guide them to this step and convince them to do exactly what you need them to do next. It’s a persuasive call to action that reinforces the driving path to eventual conversions. Don’t trip at the finish line!


Now that you know about the 4 Ps Approach, you are ready to take your copywriting skills to the next level. If this all sounds like a lot of work and you want to outsource it, our writing team is very familiar with the approach and it has guided us to landing our clients a variety of opportunities. Schedule a call with our experts and get ready to have a successful business through measurable results.