YouTube Testimonial


When you work online, only interacting with your clients through emails and Skype calls, you quickly learn to cherish any personal reminder that what you do matters. Recently, I got just such a reminder in the form of a YouTube testimonial. It’s one of the kindest, coolest, most affirming and heart-warming thank-yous I’ve ever heard.

World, meet Brandon! This hard-working gentleman runs his own business but, by his own accounts, had no clue what SEO truly was for the longest time. He thought it was just a bunch of keywords, as is sadly the myth. As a result, he utilized it less-than-perfectly and his business inevitably suffered.

But then, looking for some medicine to help cure his business, Brandon came across Dr. Rissy’s Writing and Marketing. He decided to give us a whirl, and quickly discovered what many other businesses agree on: we make things happen. We helped him realize what SEO truly is and how to make it work for him. He took this newfound knowledge of engaging and effective keyword optimization and quickly saw results. His business grew, his customer base grew, and Brandon grew as a person and an entrepreneur.

Everyone on Dr. Rissy’s team is beyond proud of Brandon, and we wish him even more great success going forward! But along with that, we’re now wondering where the next Brandon lies. After all, entrepreneurship is taking off — who wouldn’t want to run their own business and forge their own path in life? But doing so isn’t as easy as saying “I’m a business owner” and suddenly you’re in the money. Most entrepreneurs need some sort of help at some point or another — it’s only natural.

Perhaps you’re currently in that boat, looking to take your business to the next level? Dr. Rissy’s team of writers, marketers, SEO gurus, and social media maestros want to help make that happen. It can happen, and it all starts with contacting us. We offer a completely free consultation where you’ll learn all about myself, my team, our services, and why we’re well on our way to becoming THE answer to the question, “how do I become a better business owner?”

Brandon’s YouTube testimonial is an amazing story, but we don’t want it to be unique. We want it to be the norm.