What is the difference between a customer and a loyal customer? It’s all about satisfaction! You can have a lot of customers, but it is hard to make them come back to you. If you want this to happen, you will need to keep them satisfied, and you can make this happen through your actions. 

Loyal customers represent no more than 20% of your customer base and make up for more than 50% of your sales. That is why it is so important to always keep in touch with them and make sure that they are happy with the product or service that they are receiving.

Keep in mind that you will always need to have an open conversation with these customers – they want to feel appreciated and know that their opinions are being taken into consideration. Being part of the process is what turns customers into loyal customers!

There are many ways in which you can maintain communication with these customers. You can talk through email, have weekly phone calls, join Zoom meetings, or even make them part of your social media by featuring their comments, quotes, or suggestions.

When they become part of your social media, they are able to influence others’ buying decisions. Why? Because loyal customers will start to feel like a crucial part of your company…and they are! Once they start to feel like a part of it, loyal customers will share your products or services on your sites and preach about how good you are!

According to social media marketer and content creator Saefhenry Osas: “The biggest factor in customer loyalty is empathy. Loyalty is an emotion which cannot necessarily be backed by facts and figures but by emotion. 

It comes down to understanding the customer’s wants and needs and showing empathy for those customers. Customers can be happy about your services and give a good review, but this does not guarantee they will become loyal customers.

While it’s good to get good ratings, it’s best to get loyal customers. They advertise your business effortlessly.”

What we love to do at Dr. Rissy’s Writing and Marketing is have weekly meetings with our clients to hear their feedback and understand what they like (or don’t) about our service because, at the end of the day, we want to know their opinion in order to do better.

Having the feedback of a customer can lift you up and take your job to the next level. Make sure to understand them and become an ally. If they trust you, they will come back as loyal customers.