How to Use Content to Attract New Customers to Your Business

Quality content will draw true customers to your brand and business way more effectively than many other efforts put into marketing. Even if you are able to find a way to drive tons of traffic to your site, without quality content, it will be difficult to build a loyal following. Interesting content will capture attention and be more likely to result in more followers, likes, subscribers, and purchases. And the right content will drive the right people to your site. After all, it may not really help your business much if a million random people who have no interest in your products happen upon your page. You want to target the people who are truly going to be excited about what you have to offer and make a purchase. This means that you have to narrow down the playing field a little bit, and make it easier for the people who would be interested in your business to find you.

You can also draw more customers to your business by doing a little undercover research first. Do some digging and figure out what your target is searching for on the internet, and then create custom content that responds specifically to that search, answers that question, and responds to that debate, or fulfills that need. This kind of strategic content generation can be one of the best ways to draw customers to your business because there may be less competition than in some of the more saturated topic areas.  For example, who really wants to read another article about the ten trendiest holiday wardrobe items?  Though I am interested in fashion, but this kind of content wouldn’t appeal to me. If someone were hoping that I, or someone like me, would purchase their holiday items, they would have tried a different approach.

By now you’re probably wondering how to find out what your future customers are searching for or wondering about. One way to get started is to explore some conversations on social media platforms, or even sites like Reddit and Quora to see which kinds of conversations are getting a lot of attention, views, follows, and comments. It is also a good idea to research trending hash tags and create content that engages with a community around a trending topic. In addition to researching hash tags, it is a good idea to do strategic keyword research related to whatever you discovered in your preliminary internet research related to your target market.  Whatever your topic may be, lets say it is ‘Trendy shoe brands for wide feet,” you can search for specific keywords or phrases and learn about their search volume, or how many searches per month each keyword receives on the major search engines. If you happen to find some keywords related to your business that have a high search volume, but relatively low competition, that is your signal to create some kick-ass content related to that specific keyword and niche. Boom!