Useful Organization Tools for Copywriters

When you are a professional copywriter, it is hard to stay organized. Sometimes you have so many projects going on that you don’t even know where to start! Even we’ve felt that our thoughts are all over the place at times, and that is what keeps us from starting.

That is why today, we want to share with you one of the tools that have made life easy as a remote team. It has helped us both in our personal and professional life because it let us keep everything in one place.

You might already know the tool that we are going to reference in this blog: Google Drive. Drive is the best tool to keep everything organized; before knowing about Drive, we used to keep everything in documents that filled up our computer space, and it was so hard to find what we were looking for when we needed it.

As a remote team, we have many clients and leads coming our way, and finding a tool that works for all of us seemed hard at the beginning – until we found Drive. Our team worked together in order to make our Drive space neat, organizing folders by clients, projects, and even priorities.

The transition to Google Drive was super easy, and we love it because you can keep various files in the same place: documents, images, videos, and more. 

You should keep in mind that Google Drive has different storage plans, so even if you are using it as a personal tool, or to manage big companies like ours, you can find the plan that fits your specific needs. At the moment, we are working with the 100gb plan, and we haven’t even filled half of the space.

As marketing and copywriting professionals, we work with different clients, and Drive allows us to organize our work into individual folders that we can send directly to them and share with the team.

And the thing with Drive that we love best is the sharing tool! 

More than one person can be working on the same document at the same time, and you can share it with anyone that you’d like. Instead of sending files, sharing is as simple as sending the link to a document.

This week we discussed this topic with Vikki Ross, a copywriter and creator of Copywriters Unite, and she gave us this wonderful advice: “I can’t write without words. I know, I know that’s obvious but what I mean is: I need to read words to write words. I don’t get words out if I don’t put words in. The more I read, the more easily I write.” Basically, reading expands your mind and makes writing much easier.

We also talked about useful tools with freelance copywriter Danny Margulies: “I’m a little boring when it comes to tools, as I love to keep things SIMPLE. With that said, here are my favorites:

Google Drive/Docs. Simple and intuitive makes writing and editing a breeze. It also makes it easy to share and collaborate with clients! You can share them on documents and share comments, make suggestions, and even chat in real-time. The mobile app is great too for when I am on the go. 

Another one of my favorite tools is old-school sticky notes! If I get an idea to use later, need to set a reminder, or if a client gives me a note on the phone, I’ll often jot it down on the old sticky note and stick it right to my laptop or desk, making it practically impossible to forget or ignore. It also makes me feel like a real writer to have lots of sticky notes posted around me. 

Finally, there is Upwork, my favorite place to find clients to write for! I like to say (half-jokingly) that, with Upwork, I can often wake up and get a client faster than I could have gotten dressed up for a networking meeting.”

Sarah Townsed, a freelance marketing copywriter for over 20 years and author of the #1 Amazon bestseller Survival Skills for Freelancers, recommended TextExpander: “It’s an absolute game changer! It works in the same way as text replacement on your smartphone. Assign a text shortcut to anything you type regularly – from business names and taglines to often-used phrases and even complete emails. 

It doesn’t just save you the time it’d take to type, but also the time it takes to look up the wording or craft the email again. Genius!”


We are always looking to improve by trying new options – our goal is to have the most organized and functional team possible! So if you could recommend a powerful copywriting tool, what would it be?