It has happened to all of us, you go to your favorite social media site, post a strong opinion on a certain topic, and you start getting likes and comments. But those two forms of interaction don’t necessarily mean that you are 100% correct with what you are saying.

Having a lot of likes on a social media post doesn’t automatically mean that your audience finds your opinion important. Today at Dr. Rissy’s Writing and Marketing, we will explain how to encourage meaningful engagement.

First, even when someone understands what you are saying, it doesn’t mean that they completely agree with you. You might have a valid point in your post and that is why a specific person liked it—they might even agree completely, but there is also a part of your audience that can have a different take on your opinion. 

As a business manager, you have to understand that the process of growing your audience means making space for a variety of opinions on different topics. By fostering meaningful discussions, you will get different points of view and different ideas on how to improve your business message. 

Second, the problem with social media posts is that there are a lot of people who don’t read them all the way through. There are cases where people just like the post because it has a pretty picture, or includes a quote that they like.

Make sure to invite them to start a conversation in the comments! This is a great way to start an interaction with your audience. Ask them what they think and make sure to respond to every single comment.

Nowadays, we can’t look for validation through social media posts. The social media landscape is full of different people and opinions, and none of us are right or wrong. Focus on developing your brand through meaningful interactions and free discussion that includes a variety of opinions.