Work Smart And Be Productive: How To Get Writing Done Quicker

If you can write fast, meet deadlines, you’re set for success at a great hourly rate as you pump out great content.

If you feel like you’re not making the best of your abilities, here’s how to increase your writing speed.

Find the best time to write

Not all hours are equal, but everyone is different.

It could be morning or night; it could be noon, or it could be early evenings. It’s important to know when you are more productive since not everyone has the luxury of choosing their hours. Some work a day job, others have family obligations. You can either use your best hours on the weekend, or look for ways to rearrange your schedule. The only way you can work these times out is by experimenting.  If you’re unsure, try out different time slots.

Avoid interruptions

Work Smart And Be Productive: How To Get Writing Done Quicker

You’ve discovered the golden hours to work, but now deal with interruptions; a phone call, or someone knocking on your door. Maybe you are interrupted by a partner or a friend, a text message, or a TV show. Don’t be afraid to unplug your phone, inform your network that you’re unavailable, lock your door, or hide in a lesser-used room. If you work in a lounge or kitchen, try moving to your room, or an upstairs room where you are less likely to be disturbed. If you continue to struggle to get any peace and quiet at home, head out to a coffee shop. The vital trick is to not be afraid to say “no.”

Ignore Distractions

Distractions can stonewall the writing process. Little thing like cleaning your desk, updating social media, and checking emails, are pure procrastination. It doesn’t matter if it’s before you start, after two hundred words, or just before the conclusion, it’s always going to affect the work. What you consider a short distraction, such as answering an email, can lead to cleaning out your inbox, or potentially checking another social media inbox.

Since some distractions are legitimate, you might verify it, but make sure you never get side-lined, because before you know it, you’ve been watching video of cats on YouTube for an hour. If you find yourself doing this, completely disconnect from the internet, including powering down routers and modems. There are also programs like Dark Room or WriteRoom that gives your computer a clean work environment.


Jumping straight into your piece without planning is often a mistake as it can lead to procrastination, in addition to writer’s block.

Outlining doesn’t have to be a complex spreadsheet. At most, it requires having an idea of what you want to write about and what your tone and stance will be. Spending five minutes on a plan can save valuable time in the process.