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Founded by a best-selling author, Dr. Rissy's Writing & Marketing has books at its heart. Many of our team members have experience working for Morissa's publishing company, GenZ Publishing, and more than one are indie authors themselves.

Our team has worked on over a hundred books, guiding authors through the launch and beyond.

We help improve book sales and boost the presence of authors by providing a full-service marketing approach from our team of experts who get it because they’ve been there, done that.

Full Package Case Study

Cyrus McQueen came to us to promote his soon-to-be- released nonfiction book. We conducted Amazon and Twitter ads for the release, optimized his website, and helped advertise his upcoming events, which sold out!

Using our public relation services, we got Cyrus scheduled on 3 podcasts with 12 leads and featured on high authority websites. All in under two months.

See the numbers and sample posts in the infographic PDF! 

What We Offer

Our a la carte Author Services


We offer customized Facebook, Google, and Amazon ads for authors. 

Our in-house team of designers, writers, and marketers work together to optimize your ads, every step of the way. 

Our ad for a sexy werewolf romance had the follow stats:


  • Ad spend: $30.80
  • Time: 1 week
  • Reach: 39,836
  • Link Clicks (to Amazon book purchase page): 1,193
  • Cost per click: $0.03


This great performance was thanks to our in-house team. Find out more information about the ad here.

For self-published authors and indie publishers who use KDP or Amazon Seller Central, we run customized Amazon Ads. 

We’ve worked on a wide-range of books, both fiction and non-fiction. 

Check out our Amazon case study ads here.

Social Media Management

Social media should be part of every best-selling author’s branding strategy. It’s on social media that you can connect with readers, share beautiful organic posts that get engagement, and offer one more touch-point in a five-touch strategy. The more times a potential buyer sees your book, the better. 

We’re expert at bring “bookstagrams” to life. Check out the Zenith Instagram here.

Twitter has a great writing community. See how we utilized it for GenZ Publishing.

Our team can do quirky content, too. Check out the Facebook page for the author of a queer, anime-inspired science fiction novel.

Press Releases

If you need a press release or a full press packet, we’re there for you.

Check out the press release we did for Something by Shoilee Banerjee here.

Check out our release for the new adult fantasy romance, A Love Across Time, here.

Yes, we work on nonfiction, too! You can see the press release for Be a Digital Entrepreneur Today here.

Public Relations and Bookstore Outreach

We can land you podcast gigs and media placements and pitch your book to libraries and bookstores.

Whether your goal is landing events, getting your book stocked, or both, we’re there for you.

Our clients have had their books in Barnes & Noble, Waterstone’s, Powell’s, and more.

We’ve placed our clients in media like Forbes, Buzzfeed, Entrepreneur, and more!

Book Cover Design

Our design team creates beautiful book covers for all genres.


Keeping your readers informed of new releases, blog posts, and discounts can encourage the growth of community. 

Our team takes the pressure off your to create monthly content. We create beautiful emails with strong calls-to-action, which your readers will respond to.


One of the most important parts of selling your book is being found.

We can do three types of SEO:

  1. Website SEO (back and front-end)
  2. Amazon book listing optimizations
  3. SEO copywriting, usually in the form of blogs

SEO helps people find your work, whether that be through Google’s expansie search engine or through Amazon search engine, which links directly to your books.


Blogging is a huge part of SEO. Updating your blog not only establishes you as a tastemaker and industry expert, but it also gives you content for your newsletters.

The GenZ Publishing blog offers great content on publishing, books, and writing.

For examples of content on writing and marketing topics, please view our blog.


Contact us for a custom package. 

Available Discounts
5% for signing for a minimum of 3 months
10% for signing for a minimum of 6 months

Add-on: NetGalley

Join the largest consumer review site.
Get up to 30 reviews and event requests each month!


What can normally cost $250 per month plus a big launch fee now costs just $75 per month.

Here’s how it works:

  1. After you sign up, we’ll collect your book files.
  2. We upload the information on your title, including the synopsis, book link, genres, book files, and more.
  3. Then reviewers apply to receive access to the files for free, in exchange for leaving a review

NetGalley is used by thousands of librarians, booksellers, media professionals, and consumer reviewers. 


Pricing: $75 for 1 month or $200 for 3 months

what clients say


Client Photo
Shoilee B. Author PR, Social Media, Advertising

"Ok--I honestly don't know where to begin with this, but Morissa and her team went above and beyond in every aspect of helping me with my debut novel. They were always proactive about getting me the best interviews, podcasts, and features in articles. In addition, they helped me with my website and SEO so that when people searched for me, they FOUND me !! 🙂 They also assisted with ads, visuals for my social medias, and responded to my anxieties that I sent in the form of questions at ungodly hours of the night lol. Please believe me when I say this: if you're searching for anyone to help with promotion or SEO or honestly anything to advertise your product, Morissa and her team are IT. It doesn't get better than that.”


Client Photo
Cyrus M. Author PR

"Thank you for your time, tenacity, and effort! You and the team took my little book and gave it a fighting chance! I’m indebted to you for exhibiting such patience and kindness. You and Rissys team took an overwhelming undertaking and made it feasible!

Thank you for always being attentive and mindful. It saddens me to have to stop our regular correspondence but, I take solace in the fact that our working paths will likely cross again. (I’ve got more books in me)!"


Client Photo
Ammar Hamdani | Upwork SEO & Social Media Marketing

"Morissa was an absolute legend. Very helpful, thoughtful and insightful! Cannot recommend her highly enough."

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