You could say that our team is a carefully cultivated group of “word-nerds,” but even we know that words alone only go so far. That’s why we’ve prepped Case Studies and Samples to showcase the quality of our work. Don’t just take our word for it; see for yourself! 

Key Client Case Studies

Learn about some of our clients who have purchased comprehensive packages, and find specific samples by work product type below.

CBD Advertising & Landing Page

Advertising Conversions for a CBD Wellness Company

Our non-disclosed client went from being completely blocked on Facebook and Instagram, to having more than two highly successful advertisements with our services! We created landing pages that customers were led to through the ads, provided monitoring for said ads, and optimized each depending on current product and web traffic trends. All done within the advertising restrictions on Facebook and Instagram!

See the numbers and sample posts in the infographic PDF! 

Cyrus McQueen: Author PR & Book Sales

Promoting and Maintaining Book Sales

Cyrus McQueen came to us to promote his soon-to-be- released book. We conducted Amazon and Twitter ads for the release, and optimized his website for the coming event.

Using our public relation services, we got Cyrus scheduled on 3 podcasts with 12 leads and featured on high authority websites.

See the numbers and sample posts in the infographic PDF! 

Bodies in Motion: SEO Optimization

SEO Optimization & Content Creation

Bodies in Motion is a client for both our Marketing and Content Creation services. However, this case study focuses on the content creation portion of their contract. As a children’s gym in Boise, Idaho, they need to make sure they are always attracting new customers.

To do so, it is vital that their website is always getting unique visits and multiple page visits. We determined that the best course of action would be to create blogs on their site that will both boost their google ranking and keep customers engaged.

See the numbers and sample posts in the infographic PDF! 

Use Me in The Kitchen: Brand Launch

From Launch to  Continued Growth

Use Me In The Kitchen was looking for a brand launch plan, starting from entirely new accounts. Use Me In The Kitchen is a brand specializing in cooking products and supplies.

After creating an editorial calendar, we started from scratch on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. We implemented organic posts, paid ads, email newsletters, and a contest to ensure the best brand launch.

See the numbers and sample posts in the infographic PDF! 

Amston Tool Company: Social Media Growth

Continued Growth in the Construction Sector!

Amston Tool Company came to us in early 2019, looking for social media services to grow their following. As sellers of safety equipment in the construction industry, it was essential to connect with industry leaders and construction companies across the USA.

We took over their social media and gained quick traction across all platforms and followed up over the months with consistent growth and engagement.

See the numbers and sample posts in the infographic PDF! 

American Outdoorsman: Organic Social Media

Our team created organic social media content, including Facebook posts, for American Outdoorsman. We also grew their brand reach by running regular analytics and optimization programs.

Learn more on their Facebook page.

Let's talk specifics...

Below, you’ll find a full range of samples for each of our major deliverable types.

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Product Descriptions

Enther Bath Bombs
  • While other products often fall flat, the Enther Bath Bombs Gift Set is designed to offer quality, relaxation, and tons of bubbles in seconds. Naturally perfumed by premium oils, our organic bath bombs are perfect for the ultimate bath experience.
  • No more awkward moments when your bath bomb won’t dissolve at all. With the Enther Bath Bombs Gift Set, you have 100% dissolution with no oily smell. Instead, our natural bath bombs bubble on contact with the water, offering you calmness, relaxation, and happiness.
  • Enther Bath Bombs contains only organic, edible materials. There are no dyes or unwanted chemicals, so our products are safe for kids and adults!
  • Enther Bath Bombs are large at 3.17oz, so they are great for a long bath. We also feature a hassle-free 90-day return policy, as well as complete support for your purchase.
  • Enther Bath Bombs are FDA certified, and they are great for aromatherapy sessions and stress relief. If you feel stressed, depressed, or you want to find a new perspective on life, then enjoying a bath with an Enther Bath Bombs Gift Set can be the right pick. The premium packaging and multiple scents make this product an excellent gift for loved ones too!
Enther Bath Bombs

Our brand was created by a team of professionals passionate about well-being, aromatherapy, and living a happy life. We are a group of friends that have made a difference in this field by creating natural bath bomb recipes that only use organic, edible pigments. That is how we came up with the Enther Bath Bombs Gift Set, one of the most popular bath bombs on the market. Beyond that, we are always working hard on new products and gifts!

Enther Bath Bombs

Searching for the perfect gift for a friend or colleague? Trying to get rid of stress and anxiety? Then the Enther Bath Bombs Gift Set is the right pick for you!

Carefully packaged in a beautiful hard box, these bath bombs will help you step away from your challenging life and relax. With help from these outstanding, organic bath bombs, you will be rejuvenated, regain an appreciation for your life, and boost your well-being and happiness. The Enther Bath Bombs Gift Set is a perfect gift for anyone and an excellent way to improve your current mental state, thanks to its excellent properties and benefits!

Product details: Item weight is 1.5 pounds

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