How to Write Your First Ebook

How to Write Your First Ebook

If you’re writing something big, but you’re disillusioned with the idea of going through a traditional publisher, you’re probably looking for advice regarding ebooks.

You couldn’t be in a better place to get the information you need than here! Whether you have a story to tell, or a message that wants to be heard, you just need to follow these simple steps, which is an easier task than you think.


Define Your Idea

This is the moment when you realize what you want to write about. We recommend brainstorming through different topics or applying something that you’ve already written about to a larger context. However, the most important thing is to choose a topic or story that you’re passionate about.


Do Some Research

You will need to know if there’s any ebook similar to yours out there. If so, study what they have done. Were they successful? If not, what can you do to improve upon their formula?
If your main interest is to generate sales, you might want to do some market research to see want your audience likes and what their interests are regarding your subject – that way you will give them what they want or need.


Make Sure You Have All The Details

Once you have the main idea and you’ve already written your story, it’s time to add the details! Start small at first. Write a few ideas here and there, then expand them once you have the main points set in stone. Make sure that you include all the information that you think is necessary, while re-examining and revising your views on that information from time to time to retain consistency and relevancy.
Your ebook needs to have a flow that’s easy to read, giving the audience a sense of comfort while they’re reading it. Include everything that they need to know in a way they can understand it, especially if you’re trying to teach your audience something new.



Once you have finished the writing process, let it rest for a little while and come back with a critical eye. You need to know if the book makes complete sense at the moment of reading it as a whole, which you can never have during the writing process.
Check the flow and order of the chapters, taking into account their style, tone, voice, and sound. Does it sound like the material was written by the same person? If not, you’ve got a problem of consistency – which we mentioned earlier.
Feel free to add pictures, graphics, page numbers, and more as a way to supplement the text.


Send The Ebook To Beta Readers

Send your ebook to your trusted friends, family, and colleagues. Once they finish reading, ask them what they think about it. Discover any suggestions they may have and take them into consideration when adding the final touches to your book.


Work Out The Presentation

Your book is finished, now is time to think about the presentation. What do you want to include on the cover? Choose something that caught your attention or what catches the attention of your peers, while making it something that fully represents the contents of your book.
If you’re at a loss, work with a designer that can give you ideas and suggestions to help you make the best cover.


Release It To The World

Your ebook is now complete! So, what now? Make it available.
We recommend finding a way to track the downloads of your book, that way you can follow up with people who are enjoying your book and give them reasons to share it with other people they know.

Publishing in the digital age is much more capable of putting the power in your hands, rather than the hands of large publishing companies. So why forsake that option if you don’t need to? We certainly hope that the advice we have just given will help you immensely on your way to getting your ideas out to audiences all over the world, and we wish you the best throughout the writing process!