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Copy Writing is the Next Best Step in Boosting Your Business

You and your team have already done the hard work of setting up your new business. Your website is designed, products/services are prepared, social media accounts are live, and you think you’ve got all you need to run a successful online business?


You’re doing great, what with your lovely brand design and experts in your field, ready at your clients’ or customers’ disposal. But running a business is tough! 


And you definitely want to see your client satisfaction increase, with new customers lining up at your door, right? Right.


Enter, copy


1- Boosts SEO


You may be thinking, what does a copywriter do for a business?  Well, whether it be blogs, newsletters, website descriptions, or even an ebook, producing new content is paramount to keeping your business’s website at the top of potential clients’ Google searches. Copywriters are trained in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which means they will utilize keywords, reputable backlinks, and more within your copy to ensure that the information provided is not only helpful/relevant but also accessible to new and existing customers. The more organic traffic to your website, the more chances you have to meet new clients and make a sale. 


2- Engages Customers Directly


Sending out weekly or monthly newsletters and frequently posting blogs to your website can help keep your current clients engaged directly with your company. An email newsletter in their inbox or a new blog will keep you at the forefront of your customer’s minds. Copywriting can be a great place for you to explore your company’s voice and expand your sphere of credibility with compelling, research-informed information that your clients will find helpful! 


3- Hiring a Copywriter Takes Pressure Off of Your Team


Hiring a freelance or professional copywriter will ensure that the new task of creating the copy is not passed on to one of your other, already busy, team members. Besides, copywriting is a skill suited best for writers, which might not be the strong suit of other members of your team (who have their own expertise to worry about)! You don’t want to worry about grammar issues or word choice when creating content for your website. You and your team should be able to focus on the parts of your business that mean the most to you! Let someone else worry about the copy! 


How We Can Help


So how can you get a copywriter for your business? Look no further, we’re here to help! With our complete start-to-finish copywriting services, Dr. Rissy’s Writing and Marketing is here to help for the duration of your copywriting needs. We even do ghostwriting! Interested? Schedule a call with us to get started!