Your Business Definitely Needs a Good PR Team

You might feel that having a Public Relations team is relatively low on your list of priorities as a business, but we are here to tell you it shouldn’t be. Whether a small business or a large one, your public image is paramount to maintaining your reputation among your community as a trustworthy and credible organization. But amid all the paperwork and the product production, you and your employees might not have time to maintain that relationship (whether it be being a guest on a podcast, writing blogs for reputable magazines, and more). 

Enter the PR Team. 

You know, the one you should definitely hire after reading this article. 


Why is Having a PR Team so Helpful? 



Potential clients, customers, and/or investors need to trust that your business is legitimate and trustworthy. For a customer, this might look like third-party validation, as Forbes terms it, which is a reputable journal, magazine, website, blog, social media, or podcast that you or your company are featured on/spoken about, etc. Finding these kinds of opportunities to build the ethos around your business can be labor and time intensive. Hiring a PR team means you have experts who know how to efficiently and effectively make these connections. This can be especially helpful for smaller businesses or businesses just starting out who might have few connections on their own in their industry. Your PR team should already have some of those connections to reputable media outlets and can spend the time making new ones on behalf of you and your company. 

Your Brand’s Story

PR is a great way to connect with your intended audience and create a story around your brand. By “story”, we mean a narrative that tells the potential customer and client who you are, your business’s values, and your goals. If you are a business that prides itself on making sustainable products or partners with non-profit organizations, it’s important that people invested in shopping/partnering with a business of your values know about it. PR can help with that! Podcasts and blog features are a great way to showcase your brand and discuss your goals/values in a longer, more thorough form. 

Building Relationships/Clientele 

PR, in all its aforementioned facets (and more), is really about building a positive relationship with your customers and clients. You want to keep them coming back to you and not your competitor. 


How We Can Help! 

PR Management is one of our specialties. Our team takes pride in finding clients’ guest blog spots and podcast opportunities to help you/your company improve SEO and Brand Awareness. We help you form roots in the virtual world so your audience/clientele can grow along with your business. We are ranked #1 for PR Management Services in New Jersey and New York by Thumbtack, and we have gotten clients featured in well-known, reputable media sources like Forbes, Yahoo Finance, Entrepreneur, and New York Weekly Times. Presenting your content in such reputable sources is a surefire way to reinforce your company’s credibility and expand your audience. Ready to take your business to the next level with Dr. Rissy’s Writing and Marketing? Check out our PR Management Services here.