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Why You Should Work With a Real Writer, Not AI

If you’ve been on the internet as of late, you’ve probably heard the rampant discussion of Artificial Intelligence, lovingly and begrudgingly known as “AI.” AI has rocked the digital art community as of late, especially with the advent of AI filters and programs that charge a small fee to create stylized images and portraits. This called into question the ethics of such AI, which borrowed (and outright stole) from real artists’ pre-existing work and forced artists to advocate for the value of their created works/commissions amid less expensive, faster-generated artwork. 


As marketing writers, we hoped in our heart of hearts that the plight of digital artists would not be extended to us, despite our sympathies for those that have been affected already. But alas, with AI programs like ChatGPT, it seems impossible to discuss the future of writers without addressing the AI issue. 


So why is hiring a real writer for copywriting and your business’s marketing needs more effective and ethical than paying for AI? We here at Dr. Rissy’s Writing and Marketing (a bunch of human writers) are here to show you!


1- Employ Dynamic Marketing Strategies


A human being can write to a specific audience on a practical and emotional level. Where an AI may be able to take a stab at writing to a general audience based on an inhuman data set, there are no real ties to your business’s customers or even to you. Writers are able to approach potential readers (i.e., clients) in a dynamic fashion that caters to their needs specifically, which is more than can be said of AI. When customers feel a piece speaks to them, they will be more likely to engage with your company/business. 


Human beings can also employ Search Engine Optimization practices, adding external links, keywords, and thoughtful, intentional writing. Wait, you didn’t think the last part was important to SEO, did you? But in fact, Google tends not to favor AI-generated writing, as it is flagged as spam. And you definitely don’t want your company’s blog written off as fodder, right? 


2- Where’s the Humanity? 


AI lacks human flare. In fact, AI creates written works by examining data sets of already-written pieces. AI is mimicking already-created human work to produce more work that can be passed off as similar. That hardly seems ethical or even enjoyable, no? 


Working with a real writer means you get all the passion, storytelling, and verve for crafting words that an AI lacks. Plus, you can support a real person by hiring them instead of paying money to use an impersonal machine. 


How We Can Help


Looking for a writer to help market your business with all the drive and creativity of a human being? Look no further! With our complete start-to-finish copywriting services, Dr. Rissy’s Writing and Marketing is here to help for the duration of your copywriting needs. We even do ghostwriting! Interested? Schedule a call with us to get started!