YouTube is a strong platform that allows viewers to find thousands of videos per minute. According to statistics, YouTube has 490 million users worldwide, generating an estimated 92 billion page views each month.

If you want to start your own YouTube channel and get in those sweet, sweet views, then you must create content you are passionate about and that you have knowledge of.

YouTube viewers can find a lot of videos about whatever topic they are looking for, but there are only a few content creators who have both real knowledge of and true passion for the topic that they are talking about.

The YouTubers that connect with their audience are the ones that know how to talk to them and make them understand THEY are the reason why they create videos in the first place.

The great thing about starting up on YouTube is there are no “how to’s” when it comes to creating content. The only thing you should keep in mind is staying consistent and finding a way to engage with the people that are watching you.

Make sure to answer their comments and strive to have them engage with you through other social media platforms! Interaction is key, and there’s nothing more fun than interacting with people who care for you and love what you are doing.

Last but not least: have fun! Everybody should love what they do. When you love what you do, others will have the opportunity to enjoy too!

Start discovering what you like, and then start creating. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself when doing so. After all, YouTube is all about having fun and finding people that you relate to. 

If you have a YouTube channel leave it in the comments. We would love to see you and your videos!