Email Marketing Tips That You Should Implement For Your Next Campaign

Email marketing has been utilized for a long time, but only a few people know how to use it correctly. According to Sendinblue, “Email marketing is a direct marketing channel that lets businesses share new products, sales, and updates with customers on their contact list. Its high ROI makes it crucial to most businesses’ overall inbound strategy.”

This means that if your business is looking for a lead magnet that will turn your audience into potential customers, you should implement email marketing in your next campaign. There are a lot of businesses out there that are already using this technique, but are they using it correctly? At Dr. Rissy’s Writing & Marketing, we decided to share our top email marketing tips that have worked for us and our clients.


Don’t Skimp on the Design

We have learned along the way that people consume content through their eyes. That’s why creating a visually-friendly design will make your potential customers feel like they can trust your brand and give you authority in your field. Remember that the design you choose for your campaign should be browser- and mobile-friendly, meaning it should look good across all devices. There are different email marketing platforms, but the one that we trust the most for its easy-to-use platforms and good designs is Mailchimp.


Personalize Your Emails

Even when sending the same email to more than a thousand people, there’s always a way to personalize it. Some tools allow you to add a specific name to an email. You can also use a way of writing that feels personal and will connect with your audience. When you personalize your emails, think directly about the people who will receive them. You should work with a goal in mind and understand the next steps you hope to guide them through when drafting your message.


Find Out The Right Date & Time

When you implement email marketing, the date and time you send the emails out are important. As Search Engine Journal states, “The best time to send emails to customers depends on several factors – such as when they last visited your website, what action they took while on your site, whether they completed any transactions, and more.”



That’s why you should always look at your last email campaign’s analytics and understand what they mean when it comes to your audience’s behavior. Working with your analytics will set you up for success and a greater return on your investment.

At Dr. Rissy’s Writing & Marketing, we are proud to have offered state-of-the-art email campaigns for over five years. Throughout this time, we have learned and adapted to new email marketing trends as they have come up and have used that knowledge to help our clients achieve better results. Become one of those successful clients by scheduling a call with us today.