As many may already know, branding is a marketing practice that distinguishes your business from all the others. With branding, you will be able to develop the overall look of your company – which means you can choose the right name, symbol, or design that makes your business immediately recognizable.

Corporate Branding is the process in which you create a unique identity for a product or service in the consumer’s mind. As it is with every other business practice, there is no one way to get it right or wrong. This is because corporate branding is not just making the overall look of your business pretty. You have to work hard to create and maintain a unique and memorable identity. After all, people remember experiences – if they remember a pleasant one, they will become more invested in the lifestyle that comes with it.

Think of Corporate Branding as the appropriate use of the company brand in your overall advertising efforts. How should your actions represent the intangible attitude and spirit behind your company in a way that gives it a distinguishing identity in the industry, as well as in the minds of consumers? It is a much broader problem to consider, compared to simply promoting the products and services of the company.  

Big brands like Apple or Nike don’t just sell technology devices or sports apparel. Above all, they make their consumers feel part of a lifestyle – whether it is being on-trend or feeling good physically or mentally. A good brand does not want to sell you a product and leave it at that. What they truly want to sell is something that will improve the way you live in ways that you couldn’t imagine. 

All this information provides one with more questions than answers. However, there is a process that can help remove obscure elements of the problem. For me, the first step is to determine who you are. Ask yourself the following questions: What does your business do? Why do you do it? To whom is the job directed? How can it improve the lives of others and why do your consumers need you in their lives?

Once you figure out who you want to be as a company, you will be able to create strong and sustainable corporate branding. If your brand is little more than a logo, try and use corporate branding – and watch it come to life!